Looking for the ultimate luxury orthopedic ped bed? Look no further than this awesome dog bed from Snoozer that combines soft luxury and orthopedic support for your dog.

Cozy Cave Pet Bed Luxury Orthopedic This deluxe bed has been designed for dogs that love to burrow or nestle underneath mountains of pillows. The cover is raised making it very easy to get in and out and the soft furry interior is guaranteed to keep your dog warm and snuggly all the time. Ultra plush simulated lamb wool make this orthopedic pet bed one of the more popular models for pet owners. Just looking at the design tells any pet owner how well thought out this model is for doggys that love to burrow and tunnel into things.

Talk about luxury! This Microsuede and Sherpa lined cozy cave is a dogs dream bed. Dogs can stay completely enclosed when they nestle into the ultra soft center.
Luxury Cozy Cave Large CamelThis Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave is large in size at 35″ inches diameter. A gentle micro suede exterior gives it both a sheek and classy look, as well as being soft to the touch. The cedar/poly cover is machine washable and there are a variety of different fabric options. This luxury cozy cave is truly a one of a kind dog bed.

Perfect for pets who love to crawl under covers or burrow into pillows. Terriors, Daschshunds, puppy’s other breeds love wrap themselves up or enclose themselves in comfort and safety to relax. Image show measures 24Hx15Wx12D

This dog bed is available at a Great Price and with our Unmatched Money Back Guarantee!


Poly Cotton Ped Beds like this one give your dog a comfy safe place to burrow into and rest. A top cover and plush inside create a literal pocket of comfort for your pet. Poly Cotton Pet Bed

This Poly Cotton Cozy Cave Pet Bed is perfect for nesting dogs and breeds that really like to burrow. The middle cotton lined pocket gives your dog a nice little private space to nestle into where they can both feel secure, stay warm and be comfortable.

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Looking to spoil your pet with a luxury nesting pet bed? This cozy cave is the one. Ultra plush inside with herringbone colored exterior make it the ultimate in cozy cave comfort.

Luxury Cozy Cave Snoozer Herringbone

Nesting and burrowing cats or dogs will never want to leave this luxury furry home. A large covered opening and soft plush interior truly makes this Snoozer one of the most luxury spots your pet could ask for. If you are the type to spoil your pet, then this is the bed for you.

Animals at any age or size could nestle into this comfy cozy spot and sleep for hours. The herringbone exterior also provides a classy outside look that will make a nice addition to any home.

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Snoozer Luxury Orthopedic Cozy Cave Pet Bed, Small, Pink

This pink Snoozer pet bed is a luxurious orthopedic cozy cave specifically designed for dogs that are burrowers and nestlers. If your dog loved to bury themselves under pillows or blankets this is the perfect choice.

This pink orthopedic model features a raised hood making it easy for your pet to get inside and burrow deep, simulated lamb wool on the inside, will keep them warm all year round. If you love your dog and like pink, this is the perfect fit!

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