One of the cutest things is seeing your pet dog in bed snoozing away. Get them a bed they’ll really love with a cozy pet cave they can crawl into and stay warm all year. A cozy cave is similar to a dog pillow except for the fact that it has a cover, which in turn creates a comfy middle pocket where the dog in bed is almost in a kind of comfort sandwich.

Getting your dog in bed is usually not the hard part. Fabrics like microsuede, faux-sherpa, imitation wool and cotton are all common options with pet caves and dog beds. Most pets would probably be happy as can be with any of these textures but if it takes a specific special texture to get your dog in bed then chances are it is available.

dog sleepingMost of the nicer brands also make covers and removable slips for the cushion that are machine washable. This makes it easy to keep the dog’s zone clean when you can just throw things in and do laundry as you need.

Aside from having your dog in bed in a nice cozy cave, the other bonus is that your pet will spend less time on your normal bed – the one you sleep on. I mention this because most morning in my house you can find my dog in bed. As nice as it is to sleep with your pet (ours is a boston terrier and only about 17 pounds so she snugs anywhere), any dog owner knows it can sometimes get messy. Everything from doggy drool to dirt from paws to more nasty things from the rear end can show up when you have your dog in bed. A nice furry home of there own can give them their own area to sleep and drool on.

Healthy pets and animals of all kinds from cats, ferrets, puppys, lizards and others all need good sleep to stay healthy. The best way they can get a good nights rest after a long day of playing is to have a super nice luxury bed to crash in. Just taking a look at your dog in bed in a new snuggly cozy cave while they are sleeping away or napping will convince you that getting one was well worth it. Your pets health will improve and you can feel good about yourself.

Who knew being a dog owner would be so much responsibility. That is a question a lot of pet owners ask. Everything from choosing the right pet food, environment and sometimes even clothing in cold climates has to be addressed. Getting the right place to rest and a comfy pet bed is the same thing. It is one of those things that is a good thing to get out of the way shortly after you get a dog or are replacing an older bed or pillow.

This doesn’t mean you should rush in and get just any old dog bed or pillow however. Keep in mind you, as well as your dog is going to have to live with this thing for quite awhile. You don’t want to end up with an ugly color, improper size or other issue while you are staring at your dog in bed and think about having to return the bed or get a replacement. This is only going to end up costing you a few bucks or the hassle of having to get another one.

Bottom line, take some time to hook both you and your dog up with a high quality, healthy bed that looks great and gives your dog a good nights rest. You will both be better off for it and you can feel good about yourself and when you look down and see your dog in bed all snuggled up and happy. Win Win!

And while your at it don’t forget to get some toys for your dog¬†or bully sticks (ours loves these)